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Welcome to the website of Spaans op Maat, your specialist in tailor-made Spanish courses in Rijswijk, the The Hague area. Essential to us is your personal development, your preferences and possibilities.

By clicking different buttons on this site you will find information about, amongst others, our lessons, who we are and where you can find us. Click on one of the buttons to access the information you are looking for.

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  • Did you know that Spanish is the official language in 23 countries worldwide?


Countries where Spanish is officially spoken

  • Did you know that this makes Spanish the second world language after Chinese?

  • Did you know that 400 million people have Spanish as their only mother tongue, and that another 200 million people worldwide learn Spanish at home from one of their parents?

 Why do you want to learn Spanish?

Possibly you want to travel to one of the countries where Spanish is the main language, or maybe you work with Hispanic business partners, or you want to study this beautiful language as a hobby. At Spaans op Maat everything is possible.

Our students all have different motivations and backgrounds. Courses are adjusted to your needs as much as possible. We also offer tutoring and help with the preparation for the State Exams.




Comments of a few students

"Visual examples, very exciting and inviting. Nice atmosphere, good coffee, pleasant contact." (Kris, beginner)


"Strong points: flexibility, creativity with materials, adjusting the content of lessons to personal preferences." (Steven, advanced)

"Strong points: constructive lessons, way of teaching, room for own input. Spanish is a real party this way!" (Evelyn, beginner)

"Very flexible with regard to planning. Appealing and varied ways of teaching. Very creative (articles, cards, etc.)" (Gabriëlle, upper advanced)

"Pleasant way of teaching. Playful work with cards and music and, because of that, easy learning. Teacher is very professional and kind." (Eline, beginner, conversation)

"What I consider very positive is the way in which the teacher integrates my personal interest in the lessons. In my case South America (Chile). This is absolutely beyond my expectation. I am looking forward to the next course!." (Marianne, by now advanced)